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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring with no ovaries

Dan and I took Sassy to the dog park today, and it was the most time I have spent on my feet outside since the hyst. It was hotter than hell and I ended up with a blister, but NO PAIN. Not even a little bit. Like Dan had to stop me from running around with her because its only been a couple weeks. Its pretty much awesome.

I have pretty much but most ties with my family. I won't go into details on the internet because, well, I know they like to read the blog and use things I say against me, so I will just say that I will have to be one of those people who don't see their family often, which isn't the worst thing, being as my best support system comes in the form of my friends.

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been actually journaling. Something about actually writing my thoughts down on the paper just makes me feel better, although I do feel pretty crummy about the lack of my updates here. Perhaps this is the start of me being better about that.

The title is Spring but there is no spring in Iowa. There is only winter and hotter-than-hell. Throw in the hot flashes and the fact that I generally run hot anyways and you have one cranky Sara Jean.

Foster/adopt classes start in June, and despite what certain people have told me lately I know that this is the way we are going to build our family.

I have started to read about Buddhism, and even though I am not turning my back on how I was raised, I find it interesting to learn about other customs and religions and maybe even practice the traditions in my own life. Thanks for my friend Sonja for recommending "Living Buddha, Living Christ" for a good place to start. Its a short read but I am very much enjoying it.

I plan to spend the rest of the evening looking for fun way to update the blog. I know I just did this but I seem to be more likely to actually post when I change it up, cause I am silly like that. I plan to post more tomorrow about how I am actually coping with the whole H word, but till then I hope you all out in blogger land have a MARvelous evening!


Jenny said...

the thing with Buddhism is that it's not like Western religion. You can be a Buddhist Christian. I had a professor in University who was a Buddhist and Jewish...

Is Jean your middle name? That's I had to look twice cause my mom's name is Sarah Jane :P

Sara Jean said...

It is! Well, kinda. Technically I have no middle name and my name is Sara Jean but the only people who call me that are my hubby and grandmother