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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Disclaimer and New Stuff!

So as those of you who are avid readers have probably seen by now, there are some changes going on here! The first is that I have added some ads onto my blog. Nothing huge and nothing that will probably go anywhere, but one never can tell.

The second is that I am now an Amazon Associate. Basically all this means is that if I recommend something, such as a book (in most cases) you will be able to link directly to Amazon and purchase it...and its good for me! I can promise this though, I will never recommend or link to something that I have not read or actually used, and would recommend to a friend in real life. So rest assured, dear readers, I am not out for a quick buck or even a slow one...mostly I just want to see where this can take me.

I am introducing a few series that I will post weekly for you fine people to look forward to. I know that you would never miss a post...but this is just a little something more to look forward to every week. The series, I hope, will be as fun for you to read weekly as I am hoping they will be for me to write. The new series are as follows....

Saturday Songs
As many of you know, I love my music. I literally have playlists that are called things like "endo sucks" to get my mind of pain or "matter of time" when I feel like my dreams of motherhood are SO far away that I will never actually reach them. I am BIG into lyrics, and even if I can't stand the actual music, I am one to have great respect for any artist who can write good lyrics. Anyway, in these posts on Saturdays, I will post the lyrics of a song that has meaning to me...or even one that I am listening to loads lately just cause it rocks. I'll get into the meaning behind it, what it means to me, and maybe even post an audio file...if I can ever figure out how to do that!

Wordless Wednesdays
Ok, I am the first one to admit that I am stealing this idea from my good friend Sonja. I am not a photographer by any means, that's something that I usually leave to the very talented Dan. That being said, I love to take pictures and usually they don't ever go anywhere except onto Facebook with some kind of goofy caption. With this series I am hoping to post a picture from the last week, and even though its supposed to be wordless, I want to get into the story/ect. of the picture. So yeah, something to look forward to! Some Lots Loads Probably most of them of my Sassy and Bandit!
Friday Follow
Ok, I stole this from Sonja too. I suck at coming up with my own stuff. What can I say? Basically I follow loads of blogs, and I read most of them faithfully. Every Friday I will post about a blog I am following, a little about it, why I like it, and if you are very lucky and things work out the way I am wanting them too...maybe even an interview! 'Nuff said about that one.

Book Reviews
I read all these books and sometimes I write about them and sometimes I don't, and I thought about it and I think that if a book is good, I should for sure get the word out there about it. I thought about making this a once a week thing, but then I would be obligated to finish a post about a book once a week, and even though I read lots and fast, that really isn't fair to the great authors out there whose books I am rushing through just to get my review up on a certain day. So as I finish the books I will be posting reviews. There will be no particular order and no particular days that I will do this. The book may be one I just finished, or one that I read before and would like to recommend to my friends.

"Quote of the Post"
I love quotes. So I am going to try to find one in my many quote books that pertain to each post. I have yet to decide if the quote will be at the beginning of each post..kinda an intro to the post...or if they will be at the leave you with something to think about. I suppose it might depend on the post or my mood at the time!

So there you are folks. I came up with all this stuff to get my excited about blogging again, because even though I hate to admit it, I was feeling a little crappy about it. But I am over it now and I am going to try my berry very best to keep up with things this time around.

ps...there is no quote for this post cause I have a headache. Unless you want to count that as quoted by Sara. hehehehehehe


Sonja said...

I got into Wordless Weds from Jenny. No idea who it originated with.

I am so excited to see all your blog ideas!!

Jenny said...

sounds like fun are tempting me to steal some of them :P

I should do a Teacher moment Thursdays bit...people wouldn't believe some of the things students say and do at school! haha

Jenny said...

I got Wordless Wednesday from my aunt, but I did go and search for the original location and take part in the whole deal for awhile... it's pretty cool. They moved - their new location is: ... I think they actually have it every day now, though they still call it Wordless Weds as that's how it started. :)