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Monday, January 26, 2009


Is it sad that I feel somehow special because I have been tagged? lol....thanks Jenn for the tag, and the use of your picture here that I didn't ask for!

1) I took my first shot of lupron today. Those of you who follow the blog will hear all about it tomorrow when I have real coherent thoughts.

2) I sometimes miss the cat I had for 14 years growing up. RIP Attic!

3)I go through animal fazes where for a few days I am a dog person and for a few days I am a cat person. This confuses my animals!

4)I was very close to living in England a few years ago when my ex-husband was facing deportation. Being still married to him would be hardly be worth the culture!

5)Some of my best friends I have never met in real life. This includes my endo sisters and Dan (not either husband lol) with whom I have had a pen-pal relationship with for over 10 years

6)I have a sister who is gay and since finding this out have become very interested in reading/learning about the gay community

7)I read so fast its scary. I can literally sit down and read a large "chapter book" or novel in a few hours or less. I tried once to write down and count all the books I have read and I stopped counting at 3,432.....and before you ask that is a real number I just looked at my list!

Jenn-ha ha I wasn't going to and you talked me into it
Sonja-you should feel special (cause you are) cause you are tagged at least twice!