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Monday, February 9, 2009

I am lazy...I shall update now

Okay I know I haven't written anything since, well, forever...and so I shall write now.

I saw the new specialists at the University about two weeks ago. Long story short they told me I wasn't getting preggers any time soon and that my best bet was lupron. So I took it. Stupid Stupid Stupid Lupron. I have never hated anything worse than I hate the way I am feeling now. I am having hot flashes and I am bleeding and it just plain sucks sucks.

So yeah, thats the quick update. I would write more about it except that, you know, UGH! If I talk or write or even think about it more than I want to then I just cry. So yeah...although I have been reading lots since all this cause I have no energy to do anything else so my book blog is soon to be updated with all the fun of the books! Peace people!