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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bandit, Jobs, and the return of pain

Hey all! I know I haven't written too much lately, except to tell you all about Boy Cat. :(

Anyways, I am sitting here wishing it was spring so I could go outside and play with all my babies, but alas, Iowa is my enemy and the wind is cold and unforgiving. So instead I will sit in my warm bed with my animals who love me and write to all of you.

The last week has been rather busy actually. I decided after Boy Cat passed that is was time to get a job. I haven't worked in over a year because of pain, and although it has been under control for a little while now, I just haven't been ready. I think that I am now. Dan helped me update my resume and get it out there, and I got one! On Monday I start at the MDA helping to raise money for their yearly "lockup" program. Its only part time and temporary but I think thats a good reason to jump into things too quickly. I went and bought some new nice clothes to wear and actually had a decent time shopping for them with my sister Maggie. I am looking forward to getting out of the house a little bit and earning some money.

The other news is Bandit. I went out to the special needs kitty shelter with my sister-in-law because she was looking to adopt a kitty for when she gets her first apartment. I didn't think I was ready to get a new kitty yet, but Bandit just kinda gumped out at me. I came home and thought about it and talked it over with Dan and ultimately decided that I couldn't just leave him there. I got him two days ago. He is a domestic shorthair, black and white all over. I will post pictures of him as soon as I can, I can't right now as Dan keeps taking the camera with him when he leaves the house. Silly hubby of mine. Juno and Bandit are becoming fast friends...they both slept with Dan and I last night! I thought it was pretty cute, but I did miss my Sassy and she was giving me the cold shoulder this morning when I got up. That little one really does live up to her name! Sassy and Romeo are interested in Bandit, but not quite ready to make friends I think. I honestly don't think it will ever happen with Romeo....he just doesn't like kitties. Oh well, though, Bandit is making his was into my heart and our home, and I am glad I made the choice to get him. He is healing my hurt. I still miss my Boy Cat, though.

On the pain issue I have been having some random ovarian pain. I still can't really pinpoint if its something I need to worry about or not. There are worse things I suppose. Still sucks.

I have decided to go off the Lupron. I have thought long and hard about it as my hair falls out and the time since I was last able to make love to Dan gets farther and farther away. I just can't do it anymore. I am not sure what the long term plan is but I am definately going to try to get down to Atlanta for exsicion surgery. There has to be more options that dont involve these horrible side effects. There is always another choice, and although my family thinks I am crazy, no more Lupron for Sara.

My good friend Sonja lives in the Fargo area and was evacuated not long ago. This makes me really sad. Most of you know that last year my family and I lived through the worst flood Cedar Rapids has ever seen. I know first hand how horrible a flood can be and how long it takes to clean up and rebuild after one. My thoughts are with her and her family and everyone else who will be touched by this freak of nature.

So thats the last week or so. I really will try to update more often, but that is all I can write now as I really want my house to be clean when I start work and if I dont get off my butt and do it it wont get done cause lets face it, men are lazy. But that is a WHOLE other blog.