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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Dan and I are home. Our own place. Our own kitchen. I took a bath with the door open and walked naked to my closet to get my slinky nightgown I haven't worn in 7 months because my in laws don't need to see my...well you know. Incidentally it doesn't fit. Too big. *BIG SMILE*

Sassy and Bandit are loving it...although Sassy is still getting used to being on the leash to poo. She'll get used to it.

Dan made me eggplant for dinner. It was seriously good. And I did the dishes. No more walking over dirty ones all over the floor.

The new bed the in laws got us for Christmas is wonderful. Even Dans back didn't hurt when we got up this morning.

We still don't have a couch but my parents are loaning us camping chairs...which is just as good as anything I suppose when you can sit in it in your own place.

The second bedroom is currently holding all Dans computer stuff and random things I have no place for.....but beyond those things I can see a crib. I see a playpen. I see HER.

I see Lydia Lane Culwell.

And I see HIM.

I see Elliott Issac Culwell.

I still see you sweetheart.....and I await your arrival as always Love, Mommy


Sonja said...

Congrats on the sexy nightgown being too big!!

I'm so happy you guys have your own place and are settling in!!

*hugs* *hugs* *hugs*

cowgirltn said...

I'm hoping the Sexy nightgown worked out for both of you. Hahaha

Congrats on your new digs.

autoimmunelife said...

I let myself get behind on blogs.... sorry it took me so long to comment!

Congrats!!! I know I've told you, but I'm so very happy for you guys! <3 :D

Awesome about the nightgown now being too bit! :D :D

I'm so happy for you!! ((hugs))!

Jendometriosis said...

that's so awesome...I'm so so happy to hear some good nees for. There's no place like home :)

Yaya said...

Happy Holidays!