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Saturday, September 5, 2009


believe it or not folks...I am here. Still. I was going to move my blog but that turned out to be more of a pain in my ass than I wanted it to be so here I am writing here again. I would have written sooner but the stupid server hasn't let me on for weeks and I just spent the last hour reading up on my bloggy friends! So here I go with an update for all of those who care....


Dan and I are actually doing really well. The fighting has stopped for the most part and we are getting along great. Most of the time I look at him and think I have done nothing to deserve something so wonderful...and I am thankful.

Bandit and Sassy

What can I say? I love them, they love me, we play, we cuddle....they are my children for now and I am thankful


I started school last week it another shot at my Biology degree. It is going well, and I have only missed one class due to pain, and for that, I am thankful.


My doctor has put me on Zoloft to help with the depression. I don't think it is doing anything yet but everyone else seems to think it I guess for that I am thankful.

Maggie and the Baby

Although it kills me every time I think about the fact that I am barren, I am trying very hard to be excited about being an Aunt. I will strive to be the best one I can be and hopefully I will do that little baby justice. I love my sister and I am thankful that her and my family are being understanding about how hard this is for me. I am thankful she is healthy so far, and I hope for a safe delivery of my first little nephew (yes, I KNOW its a boy lol)


autoimmunelife said...

I'm glad you and Dan are doing better!
And aren't furbabies wonderful!? :) I'd love human babies too, but I love my furbaby so much!
Ooooh... bio? awesome! that's one of those things I've considered too! What are you wanting to do in bio?
I hope the Zoloft helps! :)
((hugs)) I'm glad you are doing what you can about the baby situation! If you need to vent or cry let me know! ((hugs))!!!