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Friday, March 20, 2009


I haven't written much in a long time. I have been pretty busy. I had my birthday on the 13th and since then I have been pretty much spending all my time "playing" with my presents. I got a new ipod and some rollerblades so I have been spending lots of time outside now that it is getting nice. I am not gonna lie...its really nice to be able to plan something and be able to do it without much pain. These days most of the pain is in my head. I have had a few breakdowns where I just cried uncontrollably because of the lack of babies and periods and the feeling that I am not a woman anymore. Dan and I are not having much sex...I can't seem to make myself enjoy it and even though I still give it up to him he still gets upset because I figure what the hell right? Apparently I either don't fake it well enough or something and so that is getting us into fights about that. Oh well, though, I can't help it so I guess it just comes with the territory. That is pretty much it. Therapy weekly and fights weekly and crying and trying to keep busy to prevent going out of my mind. I will try to update more for those of you who read this often. Peace out all!


Foxy said...

Sara, I have PCOS and Endometriosis. I'll be turning 38 this year. My symptoms started at puberty - I was 12 - and things haven't gotten much better since. While I'm sorry to hear that you're obviously suffering, I am also delighted to find someone who has both PCOS and Endo. Now I know I'm not alone!

Stay positive. Take care.