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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New life

I got out.

Of Iowa, I mean.

Dan got a job in Fargo, North Dakota, and we have rented a very cute place exactly 1.6 miles from my BBF Sonja in Minnesota.

lol.  BBF.  Inside joke :)

Anyways, I am 9 hours away from the place that stifled me for all those years, and this is my new life.  My new start.  I may have finally started to find my way over the rainbow.  I am starting a new blog.  A new start.  This is not a goodbye, dear readers, but an invitation to join me on a new journey.  If you would like to come join me on my new blog, please email me at and I will respond with the new location/web address.  Those with anything less than positive to say, and those who will use my words as an opportunity to judge and be mean are asked to kindly not ask for access.  Everyone else-come join me!!!
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