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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A jabbering post....

Ok I lied.  I didn't write the next day.  I am not purposely keeping anything from any one or something like that, its just that not only does my internet not work right (a problem that WILL be remedied tomorrow by the cable guy, lest I shoot him), I am being hot all the time and I can't seen to make myself think in a way that would make any sense were I to type it out.

I read the last real post I wrote, and there isn't much new to say.  I went to my gyno a few weeks ago and she is insisting that I do not need estrogen and won't even try me out on it until my migraines are under control and treated by someone other than her.  Great.  Bring on the three weeks of waiting for an appointment and the four visits to the ER since she put me on the evil Norethindrone thinking that it was going to help the hot flashes and mood swings.  News doesn't.  All this med does is give me more frequent and stronger migraines, but all I can do is wait for August 4th when I see someone else about actually getting on the Imitrex injectable I was on before.

Menopause still sucks big time.  Like UBER big time.  I am moody and irritable and I am running at about 1,000,000.1 degrees at all times.  And of course our A/C is broken (never really worked).  Its so humid in our apartment that there is literally water on the floor of the kitchen and bathroom.  The kitties lick it up.

Did I say kitties?  Plural kitties?

Thats right followers....there is a new member of my family!  Her name is Rogue, and I have spent an hour trying to upload her picture on here but like I said, I am paying for internet that doesn't actually work, so maybe tomorrow after "sometime between 5 and 7" we will be able to meet this sweet girl of mine!

I have been really trying lately to hold on to my girlishness.  I put on my favorite Hard Candy lipgloss and my nail polish and whatever large gaudy ring I feel like wearing that day (THIS is a fine example of my taste in jewelry lol) and I go about my day.  I suppose it helps...the whole looking good thing.  If nothing else it gives me something to do for awhile in the mornings before it gets too hot.

Everyone should head over to the online auction going on know to benefit and Endo Sister named Amber who is needing a hyst and due to health issues cannot get insurance.  Its a great cause, and I donated one of my paintings to be auctioned off.  My only bid so far is from my friend Sonja, who also donated this wonderful blanket.  So head on over there and make a bid on these and the other cool things to raise money for an awesome cause!

Thats all for now folks...time for my 4th shower since I have been those cold few minutes every day!
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