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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Three Days

So I know I haven't written much. Shame on me. I have been doing most of my writing in my actual journal since my hyst was scheduled. And now it is three days away. Three days. Well, two if I get no sleep tonight. I just wanted to put this post out into the world.....

I am scared.

I am angry.

I am hurting.

And I an hopeful.

And I also need some prayers and good thoughts guys!


Jendometriosis said...

wow! Only three days already?
You will get through this with flying colours. You are already strong because of these stupid will now be strong and FREE!!!!
When do you two plan on starting the adoption process? It's soo exciting because it means you know a baby is coming in your future...
I'm giving it until 2011 (I'll have had 3 IVFs by this time next year if they don't work).

Jenny said...

((hugs)) I'm so sorry about all the warring emotions! You are definitely in my thoughts! ((hugs))

VA Blondie said...

Hugs to you as you go through this.

Here from LFCA.

jill said...

I'm so sorry you have to go through this :( Wishing you luck with you surgery and a very quick recovery. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

Sonja said...

Thinking of you *hugs* And you have my number!

rebecca said...

Sending lots of positive vibes, good thoughts, & hope your way. So sorry you're going through this...know there are a lot of people out here in the IF blogosphere praying for your smooth, speedy recovery! ((hugs))


Katie said...

Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers that the surgery goes well and you have a smooth recovery.

My good friend had similar issues and lots of pain from it, and has felt light years better since have her hsyterectomy. I know the emotional impact of not being able to have children is something else entirely, but at least being able to feel better physically can help you start on that journey.