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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I would like to post today about the ignorance and stigma that unfortunately still surround chronic illness. As much as I wish it wasn't this way, I get up and face the battle of fighting the win-less fight every day. For those of you who are faithful followers you know the battles I face...but for those of you who are just stopping by now and then to check up on me to use my posts to hurt me...let me enlighten you.

A chronic illness is basically one that will not go away. I have many, if you think about it. I have Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Migraines, and recurrent Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. None of these has as cure really to speak of, only treatments that sometimes work and sometimes don't. I have been on many different treatments without much success. Let me tell you (those who are too ignorant to educate themselves) about what my days are like.

IF I am lucky enough to wake up without pain I am never able to make it to the bathroom without it coming on. I have spots of Endo and adhesions on my bladder and bowels, and it is painful to have a full bladder or have a bowel movement. On the worst days I sometimes have blood in my urine and stool, and while in your world this would be cause for concern, for me it is just par for the course. I have to watch what I eat for breakfast and how much of it I eat because there are many foods that either trigger a migraine or are too heavy, starchy, or just plain hard for my diseased bowels to pass. With my breakfast I take 17 supplements to replace the nutrition I am losing from not eating the foods that you can eat. Along with that I take a non-narcotic pain killer, whether the pain is bad yet or not, just to stave off any pain that is waiting to pop up. Then I get on the internet and check my many sites where I communicate with other women who have the same issues. Yes, I spend hours talking with them, but they help me, and I hope I help them. They are my friends, and some of the very few people in my life who if they don't actually suffer, at least educate themselves about the disease I battle because they love me. And that is my morning.

I could go on but, unfortunately, like the unpredictable pain does, it has come again and now I have to go take more pills and get in the hot bath before my head betrays me with a migraine. I will post my afternoons later...if I don't hear from you before then with the apology for your ignorance that I am owed.


Jendometriosis said...

Hey hun,
It's a shame that you are surrounded by people who don't understand your situation. I am so grateful that all of the people in my life either try to understand or show signs of sympathy.

Bowel endo is the worst! It's always worse as you say, in the morning. I often have to walk hunched over and of course the constipation from the pain meds doesn't help the situation at all. Metamucil is my friend! I don't have any on the bladder...thank God!

autoimmunelife said...

I don't really have much to say, though I do understand. I just want to give you ((hugs))!!

zengirl said...

I am so sorry your life's been in such constant pain. I suffer from endo too and I completely understand how the simple act of going to the loo can end up in so much pain. (I shared about the different types of pain I have in detail recently on my blog) My search for a cure led me to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Thankfully my treatments in TCM have been helping me and I have so much of my life back now. It's still an on-going battle though. I hope you'll find a way to help you deal with all these debilitating pain, just as I have. ((HUGS))