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Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Eh, whatever"

So I went out to some garage sales today with my mom. She knew that Dan was going out to look for work and I would be alone and I am pretty sure from the way she acted all day that she is sure I am going to off myself over Maggie being pregnant. I don't need to off myself....I am already dead.

So anyways we are at this garage sale and there is a large table with lots of baby things on it, and even though it hurt like hell I thought maybe there would be cute things that we could pick up for them. So there was this really nice crib that was hardly used and was just super nice (the kind that turns into a toddler bed, then a twin, and so one) and it was only 20 bucks so I said to my mom that we should get it for her. So she calls Maggie and her and Tyler (her husband) are sitting at the DHS office (because why not have a kid when you can't afford it, right? Everyone else does) and my mom asks if we should pick it up. Maggie asks Tyler and he says "NO, I dont want a USED crib and we have NINE months. Umm...yeah. You are sitting there at the DHS office getting FREE FUCKING MONEY because you are broke ass people and you are going to turn your nose up at a FREE CRIB?!?!?! Needless to say I was pretty pissed. So after that we keep seeing all these baby things that Mama wanted to buy and I finally had to go to the car and stay there because it was about killing me that here my mom wanted to buy all these baby things for them and they are just stupid stupid stupid and I am not pregnant and my life blows.

So THEN Dan and I are sitting there when Tyler brings their dog over (because they cant even take care of their dog by themselves, so yeah, they should have a baby) and I didnt say anything to him because I knew that I would Dan says "Tyler congrats man." and Tyler says "Eh, whatever" and rolls his eyes. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???????? The man has no idea how lucky he is and even if he is stupid enough not to realize it he should have enough respect for us not to say "whatever" when we swallow how sad we are to tell him congrats. Stupid Stupid Stupid little boy who is about to be the father of my first niece or nephew. So not only did she get knocked up before me....she let a broke retard do the knocking up. SO PISSED!


allisyn said...

so sorry you have to go thru this ....thinking of you :)

autoimmunelife said...

ARGH!! That sounds like it was a great crib too!!! Especially at $20!

I'm so sorry about how he's acting. :( Unfortunately FP's don't know the pain we go through with not being able to get pregnant and/or miscarrying every time. :( I wish there was a way to teach everyone that pain, because then they'd realize just how special their kids really are!!


Jenny H. said...

you know as well as I do that the world is full of idiots. I hate that you're going through this and I wish I could go and punch him in the nose for you!

btw if it was me I'd probably have bought the crib for myself and will get to use it someday I know it!