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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Update, With Sara The Infertile...

This week when Sara asked Dan what she was supposed to eat at his sisters birthday party at the steakhouse, with her being a vegetarian, he came back with the best answer ever.

"They have fish!"

(ensue laughing)

Sara plans on seeing her mother today to pick something up. She hasn't seen her in over a month due to a falling out over her very hard choice of getting a hysterectomy, among other things.

Like lying.

(never lie to your children, especially one week after the hardest choice ever.  Now you can laugh, cause after all, what else are we gonna do?)

And to leave you all with nightmares for the rest of eternity, I give you the bug I found on my foot the other night.  I give you....SATAN.

Meet SATAN, a, evil-hate filled creation of the bug world sent here simply to cause Sara many nights of wondering how on earth something so evil could have ever made it to the perfectness that is her pink-manicured foot.  He enjoys stealing souls, giving nightmares, and the occasional deal of eternity in hellfire traded for various useless items such as concert tickets or even more blog followers!  (don't worry folks, I turned him down.  I prefer to increase readership by the sheer talent that is me!)  To contact SATAN,  Please contact Bandit....

as he ate this particular form of SATAN with great zeal.  And then threw him up all over Sara's floor.  Poor kitteh.  Please remember, dear kittehs of the world...eating SATAN is eating EVIL.

That is all.  Stay tuned for a "Saturday Songs" post later.

(All artistic renderings of SATAN and his evil doings are drawn and copyrighted by ME.  Please contact me for any contract work needed for you next event where a picture of SATAN is needed.  What better for your evil-themed birthday party than a life-sized portrait of the evil one himself?)


Love you all!

Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit.  ~Author Unknown
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